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revenue memorandum order no. 12-2011 issued on march 17, 2011 prescribes the allocation of the cy 2011 bir collection goal by implementing office. the overall cy 2011 collection goal of the bir, as set by the department of finance (dof), is p 940,000 million. this is 9.25% higher than cy 2010 goal of p 860,441 million. out of the p 940,000 million, p 897,705 million is for bir operations and p 42,295 million is for non-bir operations. the breakdown of the goal, by major tax type, is as follows: the monthly goal allocation by major tax type for bir operations was based on the average 2006-2010 percentage share of actual collections that was subjected to adjustments due to non-recurring transactions. cy 2011 monthly allocation for final withholding tax and documentary stamp tax due from government securities transactions followed the trend provided by the bureau of treasury. the data used in the computation of the final goal allocation to the implementing offices as well as the goal allocation methodology are specified in the order. the cy 2011 overall goal by implementing office for large taxpayers service and revenue regions was allocated by major tax type based on the five-year average percentage share to total collection subject to limited refinements per bir form 1209 reports. the monthly goal by major tax type by implementing office follows the monthly national trend. existing measures new measures total p 882,328 940,000 15,377 897,705 42,295 595,315 569,396 (62,857) 532,458 36,938 56,757 65,418 8,661 65,418 135,207 198,876 63,669 198,876 54,097 50,819 (3,278) 50,819 v. other taxes 40,952 55,491 9,182 50,134 5,357 collection goal by major tax type, cy 2011 bir operation and non-bir operations (in million pesos) total i. income taxes ii. excise taxes iii. value-added tax iv. percentage taxes total bir operations non-bir operations tax classification