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DIGEST OF REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDERS For the Month of May 2012 REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 11-2012 issued on May 10, 2012 further amends Revenue Memorandum Order No. 4-2012 due to the adjustments in the allocation of CY 2012 BIR collection goal by implementing office affected by delisting/enlisting of taxpayers and updates in the CY 2011 collection data. The data and methodology used in the revision of goal allocation to the implementing offices are specified in the Order. The Large Taxpayers Service shall allocate its goal to the corresponding implementing units within 5 working days upon receipt of this memorandum and prepare the corresponding issuance. The same shall be submitted to the Policy and Planning Service for evaluation. The assigned goal of the implementing units/Revenue District Offices shall further be allocated to its concerned personnel. The manner or methodology of the goal allocation to individuals shall be based on a separate issuance to follow.