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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 11-2019 issued on February 28, 2019 provides the Gender and Development (GAD) Vision, Mission, Strategic Directions and 5-Year GAD Agenda, to wit: A. Vision “The Bureau of Internal Revenue is a gender-responsive tax administration with competent, highly motivated and empowered professionals.” B. Mission “To collect taxes through just enforcement of tax laws and delivery of quality and gender-responsive service.” C. The Bureau has developed its Strategic Directions for GAD for CY 2019- 2023. The following seven-point program will serve as the framework for the BIR’s GAD reform action plan, as well as the impetus for its budget and decision-making activities over the next five years: i. Formulating clear-cut strategic directions ii. Structuring well-defined responsibilities and action iii. Institutionalizing GAD Database or Sex-disaggregated Data iv. Strengthening the GAD Focal Point System v. Sharing of gender information among the different stakeholders vi. Conducting of Gender Audit vii. Capability-building on Gender and Development D. The BIR’s 5-Year GAD Agenda, which was approved by the Philippine Commission on Women on February 1, 2018, is classified into two areas, namely: Client-Focused and Organization-Focused. The BIR commits to implement its 5-Year GAD Agenda to ensure that the BIR, in five years, will be a gender-responsive agency.