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REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 1-2007 issued on February 6, 2007 amends certain provisions of Revenue Memorandum Order (RMO) No. 25-2006 relative to the accomplishment, signing and submission of the User Agreement Form (UAF), which is a necessary requisite in the grant of Integrated Tax System (ITS), e-mail and internet access to revenue personnel. Accomplishment of the UAF shall be made only once by revenue personnel. An accomplished UAF shall cover all his/her succeeding requests (email, internet and ITS account) for access. Revenue personnel/others concerned who may be transferred to another office need not accomplish another UAF, unless required under circumstances to be determined by the Deputy Commissioner for Information Systems Group, or her duly authorized representative. UAF and Request for System Access Form (BF 0044) for ITS/server access, including reactivation of suspended account, re-setting of password, replacement of/additional job designation, etc. in the National Office shall be forwarded to the Security Management DivisionInformation Planning and Quality Service (SMD-IPQS) for appropriate action. In the Regional/Revenue District Office (RDO)/Large Taxpayers Service, the UAF and BF 0044 shall be forwarded to their respective Revenue Data Center (RDC) for validation/review. Correspondingly, the RDC shall endorse said request/form to SMD-IPQS for appropriate action