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Contact Number: 09369340340

REVENUE MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 74-2021 issued on June 7, 2021 announces the placement of Intro Page in the BIR Website starting June 8, 2021.
          Users of the BIR website shall see the Intro Page (instead of the home page) when they type The Intro Page contains a menu of contents frequently accessed by users, such as eServices, Tax Reminders, BIR Forms, Zonal Values, New Revenue Issuances, Registration Information, etc. The Intro Page also has direct link to the home page and “Contact Us” section of the BIR Website as well as the Bureau’s social media accounts.
          Through the placement of Intro Page in the BIR Website, users can directly access their desired content without having to go through the home page of the BIR Website.