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REVENUE MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 73-2023 issued on June 30, 2023 publishes the full text of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the BIR and the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center (CGHMC) that will provide adequate medical services to BIR officials and employees in support of the Bureau’s People Wellness Program.
                 In the event of emergency cases and hospital confinement at any time of the day or night involving the officials or employees of the BIR, the said official or member must present and submit to the CGHMC the following:
           a. A BIR Identification card (ID) or in the absence thereof, a certification duly
               signed by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue or by the Deputy Commissioner
               for Resource Management that the patient is an official employee of the BIR.
           b. A written request referral duly signed by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue
               or by the Deputy Commissioner for Resource Management Group certified and/or
               noted by the Head of the Medical and Dental Division to extend the benefits
               described in the MOA to the patient.
               The CGHMC shall provide diagnosis and treatment to officials and employees of the BIR granting FIFTY PERCENT (50%) discount from charges on room occupancy, and THIRTY PERCENT (30%) discount on laboratory (except blood related procedures which are non-discountable), pulmonary (except for the imbedded Professional Fee in Arterial Blood Gas) and x-ray (except handling fee) services upon presentation of proof that the patient is a member of the BIR. The benefits provided in the MOA shall be applied after deductions of all applicable government benefits including Philhealth and Senior Citizen’s discounts. The privilege also covers out-patient medical services, but shall not include costs of medicines.