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REVENUE MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 62-2019 issued on June 13, 2019 circularizes the full text of Joint Circular No. 001-2018 of the Department of Finance, Department of Budget and Management and Commission on Audit, prescribing the procedures and guidelines for the collection and disbursement of the Fuel Marking Fees collected in connection with the implementation of the Fuel Marking Program (FMP).

The Fuel Marking Trust Account is established for the FMP with the BIR and the Bureau of Customs as Implementing Agencies (IA).

The IAs, concurrent with collecting the taxes and duties due on the imported or refined fuel, shall collect the Fuel Marking Fees from the refiner, manufacturer and importer of petroleum products for the Marking Services rendered by the Fuel Marking Provider. Such fees shall be characterized as non-revenue collection and recorded as trust receipts of the IAs.

All Fuel Marking Fees collected by the IAs for the implementation of the FMP shall be deposited and credited to the fuel Marking Trust Account to be maintained by the Bureau of the Treasury.

No portion of the Fuel Marking Trust Account shall be withdrawn by the IAs for purposes of depositing the same in other authorized government depository banks.
The obligations of the IAs and the Fuel Marking Provider, as well as the policies and procedures in the disbursement from the Fuel Marking Trust Account and payment to the Fuel Marking Provider are specified in the Circular.