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REVENUE MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 10-2022 issued on January 20, 2022 prescribes the CY 2022 BIR Priority Programs and Projects, to wit:

a. Run After Tax Evaders (RATE)
b. Oplan Kandado
c. Broadening of the Tax Base
d. Intensified Audit and Investigation
e. Innovating Taxpayer Experience and BIR Service Process

i. 230X Project
ii. Electronic One-Time Transaction (eONETT) System
iii. Taxpayer Registration Database Management System
iv. Taxpayer Complaints Management Program

f. Streamlining of Creditable Withholding Tax (CWT) Rates
g. Re-architecture and Enhancement of the eSubmission facility
h. Re-architecture and Development of the eFiling System
i. Taxpayer Awareness Program
j. Integration of the Alcohol Industry in the Enhanced Internal Revenue Stamps Integrated
System (IRSIS)
k. Nationwide BIR Payroll System (NBPS)
l. Expedite the recruitment of new personnel and the promotion of qualified employees
m. Strengthen budget management
n. Aligning Policies to a BIR Digital Workplace

i. Establishment of Collaboration Spaces and Tools
ii. Digital Economy Policy
iii. Monitoring of Administrative Cases (MAC)
iv. Establishment of BIR Enterprise Risk Management System (Framework, Structure
and Processes)

o. Integrity Management Program
p. Enabling the Digital Backbone of BIR

i. Application Programming Interface (API) for BIR eServices
ii. Internal Revenue Integrated System (IRIS)