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REVENUE DELEGATION AUTHORITY ORDER NO. 6-2015 issued on November 23, 2015 authorizes concerned Assistant Commissioners to approve and/or sign the documents specified below while the Deputy Commissioner (DCIR) for Operations, Nelson M. Aspe is attending the 45th Study Group on Asian Tax Administration and Research Meeting on November 24-26, 2015. A. For ACIR, Collection Service i. Tax Debit Memos as utilization of Tax Credit Certificates (TCCs); ii. TCCs issued arising from transfers of revalidations of TCCs; and iii. Approval of applications for cash conversions of TCCs. B. For ACIR, Assessment Service i. TCCs other than those mentioned in A.ii above; ii. Tax Refunds approval; and iii. Endorsement to Bureau of Customs of Value-Added Tax TCC/refund claims from importation. Said authority is automatically revoked upon the return for official duty of DCIR Aspe.