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REVENUE DELEGATION AUTHORITY ORDER NO. 2-2018 issued on February 15, 2018 delegates to Head Revenue Executive Assistant, Atty. Larry M. Barcelo, the authority to approve and/or sign the following documents by virtue of the assignment of Atty. Marissa O. Cabreros as OIC-Deputy Commissioner, Legal Group: i. Certificate of Registration as Donee Institution indorsed from the Philippine Council for NGO Certification ii. VAT Exemption Certificates for embassies; qualified diplomats, officials and dependents; and US Embassy (in ID format) iii. Certificate of Tax Exemption for Asian Development Bank and Other International Organization iv. Certificate of Residency (for Tax Treaty Purposes) – Local and International v. Exchange of information letters to any office within the BIR (for Tax Treaty Purposes) vi. Certification on Tax Treatment on the Development Assistance of the USAID in the Philippines vii. Rulings on embassy and international organization’s purchase of motor vehicles with established Commissioner signed precedent viii.Letter acknowledging the receipt of the sworn certification stating that there is no change in the domestic laws of the Home Country of International Carriers granting Income Tax exemption to Philippine carriers, in compliance with Section 7 of Revenue Regulations No. 15-2013. .