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REVENUE DELEGATION AUTHORITY ORDER NO. 1-2010 issued on January 4, 2010 restores the delegated authority of the Regional Directors to transfer or reassign revenue personnel with Salary Grade 17 and below under their respective area of administrative jurisdictions, including regional divisions, except personnel assigned at the data units, Large Taxpayers District Office and Excise Taxpayers Area. The Deputy Commissioner of the Resource Management Group must be furnished a copy of the Regional Revenue Travel Assignment Order (RRTAO) issued not later than 15 days from date of issuance. All requests for transfers not within the delegated authority of the Regional Directors, including transfers to and from different National or Regional Offices shall bear the written approval of the Concerned Heads of Office (RDOs/Division Chiefs and Regional Directors, both present and prospective) for submission to the Human Resource Development Service (HRDS). The HRDS shall then evaluate and prepare the Revenue Travel Assignment Order, for approval of the Commissioner.