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REVENUE ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 3-2017 issued on August 18, 2017 amends Revenue Administrative Order (RAO) No. 2-2014 relative to the organization and functions of the Resource Management Group, including the following Services, Divisions and Sections under it: A. Human Resource Development Service i. Personnel Division a. Career Management Section b. Manpower Management Section c. Performance Evaluation and Management Section d. Compensation and Benefits Section e. Information and Records Section f. Payroll Section ii. Training Management Division a. Training Research and Development Section b. Training Materials Development Section c. Information Technology Training Materials Development Section d. Training Monitoring and Evaluation Section e. Scholarship Section iii. Training Delivery Division a. Regular & Coordinated Training Section b. Information and Communications Technology (ICT)/ICT Related Training Section c. Administrative and Records Section d. Training Materials and Production Section e. BIR Library B. Finance Service i. Budget Division a. National Office Budget Section b. Regional Budget Section c. Budget Control Section d. Reports Consolidation and Records Section ii. Accounting Division a. Processing Section b. Bookkeeping Section c. Reconciliation and Monitoring Section d. Verification Section C. Administrative Service i. General Services Division a. Disbursement and Bonding Section b. Communication Operations, Reproduction and Miscellaneous Services Section c. Building and Facilities Maintenance Section ii. Property Division a. Automotive and Equipment Maintenance Section b. Property Monitoring and Control Section c. Warehousing and Distribution Section iii. Procurement Division a. Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat Section b. Canvassing and Purchasing Section c. Documentation Section d. Contracts Administration Section e. Records and Control Section iv.Accountable Forms Division a. Accountability Section b. Stamps and Labels Section c. Miscellaneous Accountable Forms Section d. Records and Monitoring Section v. Records Management Division a. Indexing and Control Section b. Current Records Section c. Non-Current Records Section