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REVENUE ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 2-2018 issued on July 6, 2018 amends Revenue Administrative Order No. 2-2014 relative to the organization and functions of the following revenue services/divisions/sections: A. Planning and Management Service i. Planning and Programming Division a. Strategic and Operational Planning Section b. Accomplishment Reporting and Monitoring Section c. Performance Planning and Management Section d. Performance Monitoring and Review Section ii. Management Division a. Organization and Manpower Planning Section b. Process Review Section c. Reports Monitoring Section d. Risk Management Section iii. Research and Statistics Division a. Data Processing Section b. Statistical Analysis Section c. Revenue Forecasting and Goal Allocation Section d. Statistical Research and Surveys Section B. Project Management and Implementation Service i. Project Development and Management Division ii. Project Monitoring and Evaluation Division C. Performance Evaluation Division i. Fiscal Operations Monitoring Section ii. Performance Monitoring Section iii. Information System Evaluation Section iv.Evaluation Results Monitoring Section