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REVENUE ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 2-2014 issued on August 7, 2014 defines the organization and functions of all Services/Offices under the National Office, including its divisions and sections pursuant to the Rationalization Plan per Executive Order No. 366. The BIR National Office shall be composed of the following Groups/Services/ Offices: A. Office of the Commissioner i. Planning and Management Service a. Planning and Programming Division b. Management Division c. Research and Statistics Division ii. Large Taxpayers Service a. Regular LT Audit Division I b. Regular LT Audit Division II c. Regular LT Audit Division III d. Excise LT Audit Division I e. Excise LT Audit Division II f. Excise LT Field Operations Division g. Excise LT Regulatory Division h. LT Assistance Division i. LT Document Processing and Quality Assurance Division j. LT Collection Enforcement Division k. LT Performance Monitoring and Programs Division l. LT Division – Makati m. LT Division – Cebu iii. Project Management and Implementation Service a. Project Development and Management Division b. Project Monitoring and Evaluation Division iv. Performance Evaluation Division B. Office of the Deputy Commissioner – Operations Group i. Assessment Service a. Assessment Programs Division b. Audit Information, Tax Exemption & Incentives Division c. Assessment Performance Monitoring Division d. VAT Credit Audit Division e. Tax Audit Review Division ii. Collection Service a. Collection Programs Division b. Collection Performance Monitoring Division c. Accounts Receivable Monitoring Division d. Revenue Accounting Division e. Miscellaneous Operations Monitoring Division iii. Client Support Service a. Public Information and Education Division b. Taxpayer Service Programs and Monitoring Division c. Internal Communications Division d. Customer Assistance Division (BIR Contact Center) C. Office of the Deputy Commissioner – Legal Group i. Legal Service a. Legal and Legislative Division b. Appellate Division c. International Tax Affairs Division ii. Enforcement and Advocacy Service a. Litigation Division b. Prosecution Division c. National Investigation Division iii. Internal Affairs Service a. Internal Investigation Division b. Personnel Adjudication Division D. Office of the Deputy Commissioner – Information Systems Group i. Information Systems Project Management Service a. Information Technology (IT) Contract Management Division b. Security Management Division c. Taxpayer Service Systems Division d. Business Intelligence Division e. Administrative Systems Division ii. Information Systems Development and Operations Service a. IT Planning and Standards Division b. Systems Development Division c. Data Warehousing and Systems Operations Division d. Network Management and Technical Support Division iii. Revenue Data Center a. Computer Operations, Network and Engineering Division b. Facilities Management Division E. Office of the Deputy Commissioner – Resource Management Group i. Human Resource Development Service a. Personnel Division b. Training Management Division c. Training Delivery Division ii. Finance Service a. Budget Division b. Accounting Division iii. Administrative Service a. Procurement Division b. General Services Division c. Property Division d. Accountable Forms Division e. Records Management Division